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Hometown Cypress Folding Adirondack Chair by Essentials by DFO
Good Adirondack Chairs


Starting at $99.99

Hometown Cypress Adirondack Chair by Essentials by DFO

Outdoor Life:Rated 2 of 5 for Outdoor Life
Comfort:Rated 3 of 5 for Comfort
Warranty:Rated 1 of 5 for Warranty
Price:Rated 1 of 5 for Price Range

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Better Adirondack Chairs


Starting at $144.99

Highest quality wooden varieties, featuring Southern Cypress and Western Red Cedar or Poly Lumber

Outdoor Life:Rated 3 of 5 for Outdoor Life
Comfort:Rated 4 of 5 for Comfort
Warranty:Rated 3 of 5 for Warranty
Price:Rated 2 of 5 for Price Range

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Best Adirondack Chairs


Starting at $319.99

Made from recycled plastic Poly Lumber. Ideal for outdoor use. Lifetime warranties available.

Outdoor Life:Rated 5 of 5 for Outdoor Life
ComfortRated 5 of 5 for Comfort
Warranty:Rated 5 of 5 for Warranty
Price:Rated 4 of 5 for Price Range

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Adirondack Chairs & Furniture

What Sets Adirondack Chairs Only Apart from the Competition?

Finest Quality Patio Seating and Outdoor Furniture

At Adirondack Chairs Only, we understand the importance of selection. We bring you unique designs from across the country in order to help you find exactly what you're looking for. But we don't skimp on quality – all of our brands have met a standard of excellence we feel is worthy of our customer's business, and we stand proudly behind our entire Adirondack line.

We consider Adirondack Chair style to be more than simply chairs and other furniture, but a frame of mind. Adirondack equates aggressive relaxation, a New England design with Southern influence – truly an All-American design. You can learn a little bit more about the origin of Adirondack chairs and the story of their development on our Adirondack History page.

Varieties of Adirondacks

Single and Double Adirondack Seating are plentiful and affordable here! You'll find single and double occupancy Adirondacks in a variety of materials and styles. You'll see fan and straight backs, wide and narrow slats, in several varieties of wood and as many as 18 colors in plastic.

Adirondack Rockers are another mainstay of our collection, and we've strived to deliver to you the best of the best in that regard. You'll find many familiar Adirondack-style rockers, as well as other contemporary designs. We have Ottomans to match any Adirondack rocker or regular chair as well. Some ottomans will even rock along with your Adirondack! Check the "Recommended Accessories" on any item detail page to find your rocker's corresponding ottoman.

Swings are an aspect of our wide outdoor furniture offerings that you may not have considered. Think about this – many of our swings are constructed in similar Adirondack styles to chairs of the same brand. The potential for matching a set of chairs and swings exists for many designs. Worried about finding a place to hang your swing? No problem – we also offer affordable combo packages that include an a-frame, allowing you to give your swing added presence in your yard.

Patio Benches includes benches in both Adirondack and more traditional styles – think "garden bench." We've also got backless benches with contoured seats, as well as a high-quality poly-recycled bench reminiscent of old school park benches. For a more rustic look, be sure to take a look at our Cedar log-style benches – perfect for the true outdoorsman's backyard!

Gliders are increasing popular as a contemporary alternative to rockers. We have both double and single varieties, all in similar styles to our chairs and benches. You sacrifice none of the Adirondack style for a rejuvenating, peaceful rocking motion only gliders provide.

Lounge Chairs on our site are styled after the Adirondack tradition, and are available in wooden and poly-recycled varieties. They're adjustable, and many are offered with specially designed, all-weather cushions for added comfort!

All Weather Coffee Tables and Side Tables are great either as a centerpiece for an outdoor space, or an accessory alongside Adirondack chairs. Varieties run the gamut from small side tables with useful shelves, to larger coffee tables. You'll find these tables practically useful as well as stylish, as they're available in the same colors and materials as our Adirondack chair lines.

Need the perfect dining set for your deck or patio, but aren't sure where to start? You'll find tables with heights ranging from 28 to 31 inches in Regular Dining Sets, which also includes chairs suited to that traditional dining furniture height. For a mid-range height level, see our Counter-Height Dining Sets, which range from tables of 32 to 37 inch height. Our tallest pieces are available in Bar-Height Dining Sets, featuring tables ranging from 38 to 41 inches high, along with high dining chairs to match.

Adirondack Furniture Materials

We only carry those materials that are outdoor-ready straight out of the box. Though some wooden varieties come pre-stained, no staining is required on any of our unstained furniture -- though it can be an appealing personalizing improvement if you're a do-it-yourselfer!

Cedar wood is used in outdoor furniture because of its natural resistance to rot and decay. It does not need to be chemically treated. Cedar is a natural choice for any outdoor setting, and a standout material in our outdoor furniture lines. Cypress wood (Taxodium distichum) comes mainly from the southeast and is reputed to be one of the most durable wood for outdoor uses. It is a sought after wood for usages that requires high durability against moisture.

Cypress wood contains a natural oil called cypressine that prevents the wood from rotting, mildewing and it keeps insects and termites away. Non-stained Cypress wood features a white finish that will age to a silver pewter gray overtime.

Poly Lumber furniture is made from High Density Polyethylene (HDPE), a plastic resin made from recyclable plastic materials such as milk jugs. Poly Lumber will never need to be painted or stained, it will not rot or splinter, and contains added UV protection to resist fading. It will not promote bacterial growth or mildew, and will remain unharmed from snow and rain, year after year. Poly Lumber furniture is not affected by most corrosive substances and features stainless steel hardware.

Acacia and Eucalyptus are tropical hardwoods that feature the same texture, color, density and heaviness of teak. Acacia and Eucalyptus are a good alternative to teak, as it is becoming increasingly difficult to obtain. Acacia and Eucalyptus are more abundant and therefore easier to obtain -- and more affordable, too!